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Coaching to help you Have The Travel Business You’ve Dreamed About. Identify, fill in the Gaps and Think Different.

As a Travel Business Owner, I am in it too, and working toward my goals too. I’ve identified gaps HOST agencies have. I understand, can help cut through the clutter to identify, define and encourage you to aim higher.

Diane is a World Traveler and Professional, Accredited Travel Advisor with 37 year Travel Career. Left the corporate world in 2015 to start my own travel company, set up intentionally to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


Diane has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a Trusted Travel Advisor in the Industry. Diane will be an amazing coach and it is a pleasure to work with her.

Christine Winchester

As my Coach, Diane have been very positive and encouraging. Diane understands every aspect of my chosen career as an Independent Travel Consultant so well, and has a great depth of experience in this field. I appreciate my discussions with Diane about business planning and execution so much as she understands exactly what I am trying to say. She has been of great help with prioritizing and managing my time, and clarifying the steps that I wish to take to build my business going forward. I would highly recommend Diane as a valuable Coach for Independent Travel Consultants.

Patricia Miner

Diane Cook

Owner & Certified Coach, CTM, ACM, ATS

1-888-557-2215 or 226-979-5751

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